Dan-Excel is actually Daniel Excellent and not the infamous race horse. He is a freelance web designer - slash - frontend developer. The titles might seems a bit redundant, but the less enlighten folks would violently disagree...

Modern Web Design – CMS

This is a new chapter in my modern web design tutorial. In the last article, I mentioned that we would…
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August, 2014 | Articles,CMS,CSS,HTML

The Transition

It’s been close to a year since I began using the responsive Lemonade grid framework. I took a liking to…
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July, 2014 | Articles,The Curve

No Current Post

Due to my schedule, I will not be posting any new articles for a while. Blame it on RUBY!!!

June, 2014 | Articles

Gift Horse, Killed

Having expectations in a business like web design can sometime lead to anger and frustration. This only happens, when you…
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June, 2014 | Articles,The Curve

Modern Web Design Pt. 3

This final part of our tutorial is based on displaying your business model and the message you plan on conveying…
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May, 2014 | CSS,HTML

Modern Web Design Pt. 2

Today we will focus on the header section of webpage we are constructing. In part one, we focused on the…
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May, 2014 | CSS,HTML

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