Dan-Excel is actually Daniel Excellent and not the infamous race horse. He is a freelance web designer - slash - frontend developer. The titles might seems a bit redundant, but the less enlighten folks would violently disagree...

The “main” element

I’ve been using HTML5 tags for at least three years now and still have to deal with disputes regarding the…
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September, 2014 | Articles,HTML


WHY HTML KICKSTART? HTML – Kickstart is easier to use and I simply prefer it. During the last three years…
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September, 2014 | Articles,CSS,HTML

Modern Web Design – CMS

This is a new chapter in my modern web design tutorial. In the last article, I mentioned that we would…
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August, 2014 | Articles,CMS,CSS,HTML

The Transition

It’s been close to a year since I began using the responsive Lemonade grid framework. I took a liking to…
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July, 2014 | Articles,The Curve

Gift Horse, Killed

Having expectations in a business like web design can sometime lead to anger and frustration. This only happens, when you…
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June, 2014 | Articles,The Curve

Modern Web Design Pt. 3

This final part of our tutorial is based on displaying your business model and the message you plan on conveying…
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May, 2014 | CSS,HTML

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